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2005 Inductee

Fred Herr

Fred entered each horsepulling contest with intensity, passion and respect for the industry, the horses and the other people involved in the Barnyard competitions.  Fred farms just enough to keep him and his horses working.  After 37 years of working for the Kellogg Cereal Company in Battle Creek, Fred Herr extended his draft horse work beyond the pulling arena, by serving Tillerís International.

Tillerís International, located in Scotts (MI), teaches people from around the world how to use the draft animals available to them.  Tillerís also shows folks how to build the tools to use with their animals.  Fred has been sharing his expertise with those in need of this learning.  Early rural American skills are still current and valuable in underdeveloped countries.  The skills of farming with horses are timeless.

Fred Herr hasnít missed a Prairieville program in two decades.  He is known for getting his lines into the hands of a student and then dropping out of sight so the student had to learn by driving.  Fred has used this technique with many of the students taking classes at Tillerís International.

Fred also turns up at many local plow days to participate as well as keeping abreast of what is going on within the draft horse industry.  He pulls in the Barnyard Contests because these are the most in harmony with his draft horse philosophy.  He believes that a horse that is working at a comfortable weight will do the best work, and horses are at their best when their systems are clean.

While Fred participates with his own horses in Barnyard Pulling Contests, his children and grand children will make a pulling contest by themselves if no other teamsters turn out.

The Herrís are competitive and like good horses, which they also use in their construction, logging and farming operations.

Fred is also a member of the Michigan Horsepulling Boat Association, which nominated him for the Michigan Draft Horse Pulling Hall Of Fame.

Photo courtesy of Cecil E. Darnell

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