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    I think it was and have some questions for Ray if it was there.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 09:34 PM
The 1965 EDHA Round-Up was held in Westfield, MA. on October 16 and 17. A 3200# Dynamometer Class, on Oct. 16 with 25 entries, 9 monies, Charles Roehl, Smiths Creek, MI, 1st, load of 3,500, 25'11 inches. Two classes on Oct 17: 3000# 6' class, 25 entries, Cecil Laweryson, Bingham, Me. 1st. A FFA, 6' class with 15 entries, James Seavey, Stratham, N.H. 1st.
The information is in the 1965 Blue Ribbon Book, with names, addresses, teamsters'initials, if owner not driving, load and distances, thanks to Doug Rice!

Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 10:27 AM
It was great pulling! I don't remember for sure but I think Charlie Roehl sold the team to Ed Crowell. Also, the red sway-backed Dan horese that Ronald pulled for so long was in that class as a 4 yr old. HiV Ranch had a pair in the FFA that Vurchio(spelling) drove, one was rumored to be a 10,000 horse(unheard of in those times). You have the book but I think there were 4 teams at the end and no one went too far maybe 30 -36 in. Was it Seavey, Lawyerson, Cook and Hi-V possibly in that order???? Seavey had Barney and Dewey a big blond that got foundered and Dewey a dapple grey, their big lunge was more than the others. Frost on the windshield when that got over.

Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 06:38 PM
The "old" professor has a good memory. I didn't attend my first round-up until 1969, but I called Nick Naples from college to get the results in '66,'67 and '68.
Greenfield, MA. was a cold spot, with the pulling outside, but the beef stew was hot! By '69, there were 4 classes: 2# of rock; 3200# machine, and 3000# and FFA 6'. I think there were also several pony classes.
Back to '65. You old friends the Roberts Brothers placed in both the machine class and the 3000#. Laweryson and Seavey were 2nd and 3rd in the machine class; Edward Ray, 4th; Arthur Durgin was 5th; Francis Bough and Keith Hill 6th and 7th: Roberts 8th, and Dick Wallingford 9th.
In the FFA, there were 3 teams that hitched to the winning load of 17,650#: Seavey, doing his own driving??; Laweryson, driven by Vincent Williams, and David Wellspeak, driven by Fred. The top three were separated by only 4 1/2", (35 1/2"-31".) The HiV Ranch pair was driven by Harold Montgomery, and they placed 4th.
Followed by Jerry Smith, Niles, Mich.; Richard Wallingford; Roland Aldrich; Charles Wimler and Joe Bolduc, driven by Fred.
The premiums in all classes were the same: $85-$10, 9 places in each class.
In l966, the round-up moved to Greenfield and stayed there for many years. I think the next move was Northampton, and pulling inside! Your memory is better than mine, and my collection of blue ribbon books is incomplete.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Thanks Ray and I admit to being old, lol.
Seavey drove with the ever present smoke in his mouth. If I ever find my Blue Ribbon books, I will bring them along to you.

Who was your pick in Stracuse?

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