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syracuse pull of champions
    Wonder who all be coming this year? Yoder-hatfield brown brothers, tom brown weinberger Keegan what do ya all think

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Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 09:08 PM
Thanks to all who came by our booth at Syracuse. It is always good to see our friends from the east! Thanks especially to all who made purchases! Also, thanks to Doug Smith, Carol, Kelly and Butch for helping us load up. Also, thanks to Roger and Joyce for helping. It was good to see Lonnie Kanitz at a pull where he didn't have to work for a change and Karla for being my "running buddy"! Congratulations to Billy Keegan and Dennis Weinberger on their wins! Thanks to Bill Torrey for handling our ads and it was great to see Donna and Sarah too! I hope that in future years the pull may be moved to later in April and it would be great not to be on Easter.

Florida Fan
Monday, April 8, 2013 at 08:12 PM
Second time in 38 years i had to miss it.
I think Doug and the New York Club is trying and the fairgrounds is the problem. The location is central for many. If they go further out in New York the New Englanders will have to travel too far. Too bad there is not a small fairgrounds or facility around Syracuse available in April

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 01:42 PM
Diamond, Actually, my husband usually does all the driving. It is 780 miles one way for us. We usually drive to Erie on Thursday and spend the night and drive the rest of the way on Friday. We usually would come all the way home on Sunday because there were people we could go out to eat with on Saturday night. None of those people came this year, so we drove to Erie on Saturday night and then on home on Sunday. The first two years we set up a booth it was great seeing all the people, but there were less last year and even less this year. It is the NYSHPA's business and I am sure they will do whatever is best, but we cannot afford to come again if it is on Easter weekend. There are lots of people from the West that would like to come, but they will not come on that weekend. And, as far as the mileage goes, there are a lot of teams that will not come because it is so far. The teams that won both classes this year were based in Michigan and I realize that a lot of the crowd may be from up East, but the crowds will follow the teams. The more West teams that come, the more West crowds will come. I know when we moved our pull to Bowling Green it was a little of a shock the first year, but it has been much better overall since. But, I am sure I wouldn't want anyone telling us what to do and I certainly would not want to get in NYSHPA's business. We love coming and seeing the people, but we cannot afford to come back on Easter.

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