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Why are a lot of horse pullers switching to pony pulling?
    A lot of the horse pullers have changed to pony pulling. Hope this doesn't hurt the horse pulling! They are really getting popular in northern Indiana.

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Friday, August 11, 2017 at 07:31 AM
money, go and try 2 buy a bred for pulln and see what they ask u. until big money got involved u could pick up a good horse out of a sale barn and get in the top 3. slim chance today

Friday, August 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM
On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 08:51 AM Nail wrote:
Harness & Feed-$10,000.00
To be #1 =$240,000.00

Win 1st $250.00-$150.00 fuel&food=$100.00
If you never lost a contest pulling everyday for 6.6 years you can break even.
Or only win 1st place 10 times a year you can break even in 240 years.

Youths are doing the math and stepping out. Most of the money wants their youth to not hitch and yelling at the other teamsters youths who do. Most youth support their family's hobby but it's out of control for the competitive youth to have a future in it. If I could I would tell all how to keep youth wanting to stay involved in horse pulling instead of them making excuses not to go! It was so fun as a youth in my mind horse pulling was like vacation and everyone was friends and family and we're there everytime we went. Pony pulling is still like the old days of horse pulling.
ur right on.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 08:50 PM
Horse pulling reminds me a lot of fastpitch softball years ago. I played a lot of softball before i started pulling horses and back then we had a lot of young guys playing until gentleman with a lot of money started sponsoring teams and buying all of the good players. They were even bringing in guys from Australia and New Zeeland to play just to win the trophy. Eventually, the local guys quit because they got tired of getting beat. They took the fun out of it. Horse pulling today is no different. Many admire the "big guys" for what they do and how much they win, as do I, but I truly admire the guys who go to 20-30 pulls a year and may take 1st once in a while on a lucky day. I admire the guys who purchase a horse for $2,000 and make them the best that they can. I admire the guys who raise their horses and put 6-7 years in those horses and make them winners. Those are the people that make horse pulling what it is and what it should be. If it was not for them, horse pulling would be dead.

As far as the younger generation, many of them can't afford to compete in horse pulling. I am in my thirties and i have been pulling for 15 years and it is difficult to continue because I am raising a family and working full time and trying to work the horses and all the work that goes into that. Fortunately, I have a wife that supports me, AND we pull in a club where everyone gets the same prize money no matter if you take first or last. I know that we dont pull for the money because if we did, i think that would be called insanity. However, this at least helps everyone to buy the fuel to get there. For us to truly carry on the this great sport, we need to start rethinking how business is done. Sorry for the rant but this is just my two cents and my perspective.

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