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Flordia Pulls
    New to pulling, never pulled on truck before can someone tell me the breakdown of the numbers compared to block sleds, for example if the results say 3200 what is that in weight, and 4200 etc

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Friday, February 27, 2009 at 08:19 PM
2500 is same as 32,500 lbs on a wagon setting on pavement or rolling load or same as 4 -14" plow in stubble ground. 3000 same as 38,000 on a wagon or 5 bottom plow.3250 same as 42,000 or 6 bottom plow-3500 same as 45,400 or 7 bottom plow-3750 same as 48,650 or 8 bottom plow-4000 same as 51,900 or 9 bottom plow-4250 same as 55,150 or 10 bottom plow. These figures came from the university of Iowa were the first pulling machine was invented to determine the Horsepower of a horse. They also came up with 27-1/2 feet for the distance to determine the power.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 07:51 PM
The Florida pulls desperately need a shot in the arm. I've noticed a serious drop off in the competition in the last few years. This year by far the worst. The same faces at each and every pull basically finishing in the same place day after day week after week. It takes the anticipation out of checking the results. I recall the one time I attended the pulls in Florida several years ago there were teams there from Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi and quite a few from Kentucky. Where have they all gone? I guess you could blame the economy this year but this has been a problem for several years now. I can appreciate the work it takes to prepare to put on one pull so I'm certainly not going to question the efforts of those responsible for hosting the Florida pulls but maybe the problem lies in decisions made by those same people. I believe the decision to allow those lightweight participants who show up the first week and weigh just once for the duration of the Florida pulling circuit to be something that works against them. There aren't many who are fortunate to be able to take 4-5 weeks off in order to pull in Florida. Those running the pulls instead of hoping to attract pullers in for the whole 4-5 week circuit need to rethink things and attempt to get pullers in for a weekend or week at a time. Even if I have one of the finest 3400 teams in the country I am not going to bring them down for a weekend and pull against those who weighed the first week and now weigh 4000. Although I am a big fan of the machine I believe that mixing things up and bringing in the boat for a few pulls would help. Maybe a day of overweight pulling or distance pulling might stimulate interest? It's time for those in charge to put their thinking cap on and stir things up. Where as the Florida pulling circuit used to be an exciting escape that many of us used as a diversion from a cold and long winter it has now become rather ho-hum.

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