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 Jason Austin Weare
Born: September 13, 1995
From: North Brookfield Queens, Co. Nova Scotia

Sadly on June 7th 2011, Jason lost his life in an ATV accident at the young age of 15.
With heavy hearts yet fulfilled with so much love and wonderful memories of Jason are his
(Mom) Colleen (Dad) Floyd, (Brothers) Theodore & Nicholas, & (Sister) Pennie.
Jason was young & so full of life. He was well known as quite the jokester.
Always carrying on & trying to get a rise out of others.  He would go without himself to give to you!
He was a hard worker.  Very out going, kind and caring.
Jason had already experienced things that most people don't get to
do in a life time.
Some of Jason's favorite past times were hanging out with his friends, hunting, fishing, driving his 3 wheeler,
listening to old country music and of course he enjoyed horse pulls.
Quite often you could find Jason and the gang hanging out at (Uncle) Alva & (Aunt) Louise's place in which
a lot of the time it would involve being around the horses!
You might say this is where Jason first grew an interest in pulling horses.
Alva had an odd horse out named Ben (15),in which
Jason took a liking to as did Ben of him.
They pretty much became inseparable and from there the rest was history.. (^_^)
Not only did Jason & Ben pull together.. quite often he would jump on his back & they'd go for a ride!
With out a doubt they enjoyed each others company!
They were off to a great start to 2011 winning 1st place at the first pull in his own hometown in May.
(Caledonia Queens,Co. N.S)
Ben weighed 1800lbs. and hauled 5800lbs. A percentage of 3.22.
Jason's biggest load hauled with Ben was ( 6800lbs ) during the Queen's county annual fair in September of 2010!
This was one of Jason's favorite places to compete as his family & friends were there to cheer him on!
It brings great joy to say, unlike most.. Jason's out look on horse pulling was unique.
Whether they won 1st place or got last place.  It wasn't Important!  "He was there simply to have fUN"
and.. that big contagious smile he carried upon his face was enough to say.. "HE DID JUST THAT!"
We all Miss Jason and not a day goes by we don't think of him.
My heart goes out to his mom, dad and Siblings as this must truly be one of the hardest tasks in life!
He will sadly be missed both in & out of the horse pulling circuit.  He was an all around great kid!
The pulls just won't be the same without you little buddy.  "You left a big hoof print in all of our hearts!"
I would like to dedicate this to all who had the honor of knowing and loving him!


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