New York State Horse Pullers Association

NEW THIS YEAR:  Pullers that attend Angelica, Boonville and Honesdale will be entered into a drawing to win a cash prize of $500.  One winner (from each class) will be drawn at the Annual dinner in November, and you must be present at the banquet to receive the prize.

***Don’t forget about the Attendance Appreciation Award!  All Teamsters that attend 8 or more point system pulls over the summer will be qualified to receive a cash bonus in the amount of $200.  Teamsters that attend 12 pulls will get $300.  This award will be given at the Annual Banquet in November.  You must be present at the banquet to win.  Each teamster may receive only one prize.  Teamsters must pull under the same name at each contest in order to accrue “points”.  Questions regarding this award system please contact Terry Riese.


To become a member of the New York State Horse Pullers Association please send $20.00 to:

Kelly Heath
2884 State Rt. 221
Marathon, NY 13803

Membership entitles you to the New York State Horse Pullers schedule of yearly events, an invitation for you and a guest to attend their annual meeting and dinner in November and voting privileges to elect officers and directors.

President – Larue Austin
Vice President – Terry Riese
Secretary – Kelly Heath
Treasurer – Doug Smith

Directors: Kalab Armison, Larry Dodge, Wayne Dodge, Brian Armison, Doug Berwanger, Jackson Sterle, James Tingue, Nate Wooster, Julie Dodge, Casey Harriman, & Bob Quail.