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A special thank you to Bill Torrey for the development of this site.  With Bill’s retirement and our purchase of the website a new site had to be created to allow for updates.  If you are a current subscriber please try your original login and password.  If that does not work, please try the new email address login and password you may have set up.  If neither work, please contact me: jojo@horsepullresults.com and I will assist with your login.  Also, please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improving the site.  Thank you,  Glen & JoJo

Welcome to the new horsepullresults.com. After 18 years of tirelessly promoting horsepulling and this website, Bill Torrey has retired. To thank Bill seems totally inadequate. He is our ultimate advisor, so the thank-yous continue.

In our purchase of the website we continue Bill’s quest to promote horsepulling. Unable to update the old site a new site was developed. As with any transition there will be issues. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions or if you need assistance. We need your input, results, pull info, pictures and anything pertaining to the horsepulling community. We need your membership and input to make this a go. Special thanks to Bill and Donna Torrey, Andy Wagner and also Matt Howell of Farmhouse Creative for the development of this project. Thanks also to Bill for keeping things posted until we were up and running. Here is hoping for a return to normalcy for pulls and fairs in the upcoming year.

Thank you, Glen and JoJo Duvall Russelburg

NOTICE: If you were a member of the website and you didn’t get the email of how to access the new results pages…please let us know by filling out the form on the contact page. All existing members of HorsePullResults.com have access to the results until your renewal date, after which you’ll be asked to renew for 1 year for $25.00.


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