Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association


For an annual general membership with the Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association send $30.00.  Active puller memberships are $75 before May 1st and $100 after May 1st.

Becky Loomis – WHPA Treasurer
W394 US Highway 10
Mondovi, WI 54755

Benefits of Membership:

Membership entitles you to the Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association schedule of yearly events, an invitation for you and a guest to attend their annual meeting and dinner in November and voting privileges to elect officers and directors.

Coggins & Health Papers:  All pullers are to have negative Coggins test paper of each horse with you al all pulls in the state of Wisconsin.  Please have copies on hand for all the contests that you attend.  The sponsors of all the fairs and contests need to keep copies on file so they need copies of them.  Teams from out of state are to have health papers to cross into Wisconsin.  The fairs may charge you to make copies.  Make sure you have these for every contest!

Rule Changes:  Each driver is entitled to 2 attempts per round.  If they fail to make the distance on their 1st pull, they must wait until the end of the round to spot the load for their final attempt.  If a driver would like to forfeit their first pull their spot pull will be at the end of the track.

The WHPA also has jackets, shirts and hats for sale!

2023 Officers & Directors

President: Ashley Buchner (2023-2024)
N3380 State Rd. 182, Bangor, WI 54614  608-386-9696

Vice President: Les Vold (2024)
13413 East 7th St., Osseo, WI  54758  715-215-1183

Secretary: Michelle Wilfert (2024)
9729 Decker Rd., Reedsville, WI  54230  920-418-3515  or whpa1926@gmail.com

Treasurer: Becky Loomis  (2023-2025)
W394 US Highway 10, Mondovi, WI 54755  715-495-2269

Northeast Directors:
Bennie Tillier (2023-2024)
3636 Cty Rd J; Valders, WI  54245

Scott Skinkis  (2024-2025)
1919 Oakwood Rd., Brillion, WI  54110    920-621-9700

Northwest Directors:
Gus Huset (2024-2025)
E9219 1380th Ave., New Auburn, WI  715-764-1072

Jon Wickum (2024)
141 320th St., Wilson, WI. 54027. 507-838-7768

Southern Directors:
Todd Ward  (2023-2024)
10145 Solden Rd., Reeseville, WI  53579  608-712-2986

Wyatt Krueger   (2024-2025)
25084 Cty Hwy U, Norwalk, WI  54648   608-386-6717

2023 Year End Banquet Award Winners
Hooker of the Year       Hauling Ass Awards    Judge of the Year    Rookie of the Year    Teamster

Austin Anderson             Ken Markham                Steve Doebber.          Jerrilynn Neidermyer    John Loomis
Bennett Souchek            Gary Smith                      Jeffery Johnson
Mitch Hoberman