Diamond Brand Draft Horse Pulling Shoes

Product Description: Diamond Brand size 6 heated, turned, rounded out on the toe and welded up with a .25” thick by 1” tall by 4.25” long cold roll steel toe plate. The front toes are leant over more then the back toes are so you know which is front and which is the back shoes. I also turn the outside cork out a little on each shoe so you know which foot it goes on. Available in pigeoned toed front shoes also (that’s where the toe plate is welded on the front shoe and angled to 1 side of the shoe or the other instead of being centered on the shoe like those featured in the picture).

Cost: Set of four – $80.00

Contact: James Burkhead
Science Hill, KY
Home phone: 606-423-3513
Cell Phone: 606-219-1889 Please leave message on cell phone if no one answers
Email: jvburkhead@windstream.net